Central West Ballet is an important institution in California's Central Valley. Since 1987, Central West Ballet has provided countless generations with dance training, performance experience and cultural growth. You can choose different ways to make your financial support unique and inspired.


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Everytime you attend a performance, you help us further CWB's mandate: A Resident Company of the Gallo Cneter for the Arts, Central West Ballet brings unprecedented quality, beauty and an artistic product with a distinct exposure within the Central Valley.


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Arts and cultural organizations are crucial to the health and diversity of the Central Valley. To build a strong and stable financial environment for future years, the Ballet is seeking support with important contributors in arts organizations. Be our partner, your gift will help our community with a dynamic and high-quality artistic product. What is your primary objective? Visibility: Central West Ballet attracts a highly desirable annual audience, bringing countless opportunities for exposure. Diversified Client Entertainment: Developing new clients and cultivating existing relationships with Central West Ballet entertainment is an original way of enhancing networking and productivity. If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can help support CWB, please call our office at (209) 576-8957.


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Ballet is the second most expensive performing art form after Opera. A single Ballerina Tutu can easily cost a minimum of $1,200.00. Multiply this by an ensemble of dancers of 14 to 28 members and the cost raises exponetially. Backdrops can also easily cost a minimum of $10.000.00. A good solid quality classical full length production displays a minimum of one Backdrop per act. Additional Legs and Borders are necessary to dress the stage.Individuals, businesses and corporations can support a production or a series of elements to help Central West Ballet offset the cost of productions. This is another original way of bringing exposure through the acknowledgement of sets and costumes sponsorships. Call CWB at (209) 576-8957 if you are interested in sponsoring our productions.


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Pointe shoes (sometimes referred to as 'Toe Shoes') are the corner stone of professional Ballerinas. Pointe shoes are painstakingly crafted by hand, are expensive and wear out quickly. A single professional pair can cost $100.00 and up. Ballerinas can go through several pairs per week. CWB has implementetd a Pointe Shoe Fund to help keep the costs of pointes shoes affordable. Please consider making a donation to our Pointe Shoe Fund and call (209) 576-8957.


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Central West Ballet's existence would not be without our dancers. Ballet companies cannot rely solely on ticket sales to keep their cost at a break even point. This is the heart of a non profit organization. TIcket sales account for only 40% of our annual budget. Your contribution is crucial and honorable. What better way to support the Ballet than to directly sponsor one of our dancers. Your financial help goes to the heart of each and every performance and helps the growth of our cultural life. Please consider making a donation to financially support a CWB dancer and call (209) 576-8957.


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